2017 River of the Year Voting Begins Today!

pa-river-map-2017Don’t forget to vote for the 2017 River of the Year!  More information on the nominees can be found here.

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The voting period will extend from Monday November 14th to Monday December 19th, 2016.

9 thoughts on “2017 River of the Year Voting Begins Today!

  • John Rieder

    I vote for the Allegheny River. I grew up on this beautiful river. It has so much to offer in aspects of enjoyment. Come see for your self.

  • Linda Shields

    The Allegheny is my beautiful backyard. I love to canoe and kayak, as do my children who grew up on this river. Many many memories on this piece of Heaven God created for our enjoyment.
    The wildlife is more than spectacular with Bald Eagle, Osprey, Kingfisher and the Great Blue Heron as icing on the cake. Kayaking on the Allegheny is relaxing, serene, educationally beautiful with a multitude of nature ready at hand for anyone’s photographic ability. It is literally nature’s own tourist attraction.

  • Jerry Houwer

    I’m most familiar with the upper Allegany. Many tight turns, a couple of nice chutes, and some nice slow water where wild life viewing is possible and rewarding. I’ve seen eagles, muskrats,
    turtles, geese, ducks, deer,blue herons,beaver,osprey. And best of all we usually have the river all to our selves. The only negative thing I can think of is that sometimes you hear traffic from Rt 6, especially motorcycles.

  • Henry Wojciechowski

    I/ve lived along side the Allegheny River in Armstrong County for 30 years. There’s no place on earth I’d rather be.

  • S. C. Kirkpatrick

    I have floated much of the Allegheny from Warren, PA. south to Emlenton, PA. With passage through the National Forest and sections designated as a wild and scenic river it has it all. It is my vote for 2017 “River of the Year”.

  • Santina Merkzel-Habermeier

    Brandywine should win this prize. It is an incredibly beautiful river in the greatest part of the state (southeastern pa). I just feel in my heart that it is the riveriest of all the rivers on this list. Full of fish and frogs and water. You can float on it too. Incredible incredible river.

  • Cynthia Pankratz

    I definitely believe the Allegheny River is the best once for consideration…The Kinzua dam is essential for hydroelectric power and flood control in the lower areas. It has some of the finest array of fish and many areas rich with history during the American Indian settlement. The French and Indian Wars with many locations of encampments. Early world history meanders from Canada to Pittsburgh. It just doesn’t get any better…Many festivals occur with the Allegheny being the venue….

  • Gregory Fraser

    The Allegheny is so accessible and floatable. While many rivers are beautiful, the Allegheny runs through Allegheny National Forest which adds immeasurably to the river’s natural beauty. Native wildlife is so abundant, all of which adds to the intense greenery of multiple species of trees, shrubs and floor life.

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