25 thoughts on “Vote for a 2015 River of the Year!

  • Sue Fairbanks

    The Conewango River from Russell Pa all the way to Warren is such an awesome place to kayak and canoe – it moves you right along with its many gentle riffles! And we have seen many eagles, owls, and all kinds of waterfowl along the way. It’s a favorite.

  • S.L.Harm

    The Neshaminy Creek is a piece of work. She is approximately 150 million years old and is always giving. The Neshaminy gives life to countless animals and creatures. The bald eagle, beaver, fox, turtle, heron and multitudes of fish, just to name a few. She continually enriches her banks with nutrients for plant life. Yes…she has a temperment. When angry like most women she explodes during ice breaks and floods. When happy, she is pristine and tranquil. My wish is for generations to enjoy fishing, swimming, boating or just to sit, look and observe. She is truly a gift.

  • jamie henderson

    Loyalhanna creek is one of the nicest watersheds in our great state.the memories of fishing in and around loyalhanna creek&the damn with my dad and sisters are what keep me going sometimes. its a place for fun,recreation, reflection and family.for all

  • allan walzak

    Loyalhanna clean up is making a huge difference in the quality of the waterway and they deserve the River of the Year designation for their efforts. Those of us downstream who have been doing the Alle-Kiski-Connie Rivers Sojourn for the past 17 years can see the difference and salute their efforts.

  • Katherine Bowley

    Conewango Creek combines the beauty of water and land. It winds at spots with fallen tree branches pointing downstream, giving mergansers a special place to hide. While weaving small gorgeous islands at certain spots, which mysteriously provide nesting places for all kinds of fowl, it gives kayakers or canoeists great joy. Geese fly the length, following the north-south corridor. Above, eagles soar for fish, delighting anyone who has the privilege to be veiwing Conewango Creek from land or water.

  • Pat

    I am Conewango Proud. My family built a home on the Conewango in 1963 and my mother lived there for the rest of her life. When she died last year, the family that moved into the house chose it specifically because of the creek. Growing up on the Conewango provided an opportunity for recreation, wildlife education, and a lovely view of nature, all long before the creek had achieved the quality it has today. My husband and I married on the banks of the Conewango nearly forty years ago. One of our dogs swam in the creek during the ceremony and we have the wet dog photo to prove it! The Conewango Creek is my River of the Year!

  • Elizabeth Dropp

    One thing that makes the Conewango Creek special is it’s biodiversity! We are discovering that the number and variety of species that inhabit Conewango Creek rivals that of French Creek in NW PA! We have many species that have been lost to much of the rest of the state. For example it has 19 species of native mussels including the endangered Northern Riffleshell Mussel. The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimates the the Northern Riffleshell mussel only inhabits 5% of it’s original range.

  • Debbie

    The LRCA has been the life work of a handful of dedicated professionals who lovingly brought it back to life and health. Once a filthy, chemical filled waterway from mine and and illegal dumping contamination, it’s revival is a monument to the struggle to save our planet and water is a vital part of that goal. If no one cared, it would have been left to poison the fish, birds and other wildlife. Cudos to the dedicated volunteers who have tirelessly worked to educate the public and inspire the residents in the Scranton area to love the Lackawanna a River.

  • Rich Flickinger

    Having been involved with the Loyalhanna Watershed Association in one way or another for at least 40 of its 43 years, I have been constantly amazed by the improvements the Association has accomplished over much of the Loyalhanna River watershed, including erosion control and abatement, improvement of fish habitat, reduction of flooding, as well as pioneering methods of mine acid control, scenic preservation and public education. It has consistently produced more “bang for the buck” than any other organization of which I am aware, and shows no signs of slowing down.


    The neshaminy creek(river flows through beautiful bucks county pa) and i feel this would be an excellent choice. it was home to the lenape indian tribe and then during the reveloution the encampment by george washington was held for two weeks on its banks in warwick township in 1777.it still remains in pristine condition along its banks as it flows through beautiful bucks county before flowing into the deleware river.it certainly deserves consideration.


    We live on the Loyalhanna Creek and it is beautiful. Each season brings a different kind
    of beauty. All summer we watched canoes go down and the people seemed to be
    having a great time. There is nowhere else to live.

  • Kirk Johnson

    Please for for Conewango Creek, a very important tributary to the National Wild and Scenic Allegheny River! In recent years, we have demolished and removed three harmful remnant low head dams, freeing up the main stem of Conewango Creek from all man-made impediments all the way up into the upper reaches of its watershed in New York State, and we have removed tons and tons of trash from the creek through our annual Conewango Creek Cleanup, which has been going on every September since 2009. The State of Pennsylvania has also recently formally recognized the Conewango Creek within the state Water Trail System. More and more people are canoeing and kayaking the creek every year!

      • wilbur

        I love the Conewango creek. I live where a Branch of it begins in Kennedy, NY, when we have a heavy rainfall, the Drybrook drains into the Conewango very fast, Eliminating a flood situation, and it turn into a very picturesce stream at the NY, PA line, I think everyone in Chautauqua County NY will vote that it is the finest they have see.

  • Debbie Brehun

    I vote for the Loyalhanna Creek. It is a mecca for trout fishing with hundreds participating in “Fishmas” on opening day in April. Even if you don’t fish… a visit to the swinging bridge along Route 30 in Ligonier is awesome. Come see us.

  • David Lamereaux

    If you saw the thousands of people who kayak, fish, walk the trails, and bike along side the Lackawanna River, you would agree that it should be the River of the Year! What a fantastic asset for the area.

  • Elizabeth Milder beh

    I wish to vote for the Lackawanna River Corridor Association. I have watched with awe and admiration the success of this citizen based organization that has cleaned the Lackawanna River and developed a Land Trust. The Scranton are has been raped and mined and is coming back to life because of this organization and the leadership of Bernie Mc Gurl…God Bless.


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